The backdrop has been laid in my first two posts: Parallels: Israel and America. Let’s conclude.

The Harbingers mentioned involve the nine that happened to ancient Israel, and the manifestation of the same nine in modern-day America.

In the last days of ancient Israel, nine harbingers appeared in the land, warning of natural calamity and coming destruction. The same harbingers of warning, the same signs of a nation under judgment have now manifested on American soil. Some have appeared in New York City and Washington DC, and some have involved American leaders. They have all appeared, all 9 of them, in precise and eerie detail. Those involved in their reappearing had no idea of the mystery or their part in fulfilling it. Yet all replayed on American soil, warning of national calamity and judgment. Ref: J.Cahns’ book The Harbinger 2. PG .112

Harbinger #1– Israel in 732 BC, ( The breach ) Israel’s hedge of protection was lifted. It happened because a civilization had grown hardened and deafened to the call of God, and nothing else could get through to it. It was a warning and a recall to return.

What about America? The first harbinger, the “breach” manifested on American soil on September 11th, 2001, when America’s hedge of protection was lifted. The enemy was allowed to strike the land in the form of 19 high hackers. Everyone knows the disaster of this first harbinger. 9/11 was a warning to America, and the call to return.

Harbinger # 2– The terrorist. The strike on ancient Israel was carried out by the soldiers of the Assyrian Empire the Assyrians were the world’s first terrorists, the first to employ terror as a means to a political end. They were fierce, brutal, and merciless. The 2nd harbinger was the sign of the terrorist.

What about America? – The sign of the terrorist appeared on American soil on 9/11. The attack was masterminded and carried out not only by America’s enemies but specifically by terrorists. The Assyrians were the fathers of terrorism, those who carried out the attacks of 9/11 were their spiritual children. These terrorists originated in the same region of the world from which the Assyrians came, the Middle East. Study the links between the ancient language of Akkadian and modern Arabic.

After the Assyrian attacks, Israel was given a window of time to repent, but they never did. Greater shakings were to follow. They responded in defiance: “The bricks have fallen, but we will rebuild with hewn stones; the sycamores are cut down, but we will replace them with cedars.” The bottom line is they would not repent. Sound familiar, are you seeing the parallels?

Harbinger#3– When the Assyrians invaded the land, they caused bricks to fall. The sign of falling bricks speak of destruction, the falling of walls, the fall of buildings, and the heaps of ruins that were left in the wake of the Assyrian destruction.

And America? – Obviously, the attack of 9/11 specifically involved the fall of walls and buildings. Ground Zero was the most iconic image in the wake of the calamity.

Harbinger #4 — “But we will rebuild.” The Israelites made a vow to replace the bricks of clay with hewn stone. This would allow them to build stronger buildings than before, bigger, higher, and greater. Their buildings would embody the nation’s pride. When Isaiah recorded their words, he wrote that they were being spoken in pride and arrogance. In Hebrew, the word he used for arrogance is linked to the word used for tower. The fourth harbinger is the rebuilding of what had fallen, the rise of the tower.

And America? After 9/11, American leaders vowed to rebuild the fallen towers, and not just rebuild them, but build them bigger, better, stronger, and higher than before. The rebuilding of ground Zero would focus on a single object, a tower. The plan was to build a tower at Ground Zero bigger, stronger, and higher than the towers that had fallen. It was to reach a height of 1,776 feet, the number that marked the nation’s birth. As in ancient Israel, their rebuilding was to become the focal point of the nation’s pride and defiance and the embodiment of the nation itself.

Harbinger # 5– “But we will rebuild with hewn stone.” The project of rebuilding began with the laying down of hewn stone. The Hebrew word behind the hewn stone is gazit. The word gazit refers to a stone quarried from mountain rock and used for constructing buildings of strength and magnitude. The gazit or quarried stone, became the start of the nation’s rebuilding, the embodiment of it’s vow, and the symbol of its defiance.

And America?– Nearly three years after 9/11, a massive object descended onto the floor of ground Zero. It was a gazit stone. It had been quarried out of the mountains of upstate New York, 20 tons of hewn stone. As in ancient times, it was brought to the ground of destruction where the buildings had fallen. On July 4th 2004, American leaders and spectators gathered around the stone in a ceremony that was to mark the beginning of the tower. The leaders pronounced vows over it. One of them, the governor of New York, proclaimed that they were performing the act in “the spirit of defiance. “As in ancient times, the gazit stone became the embodiment of the nation’s vow and the symbol of its defiance.”

Harbinger # 6 — The Sycamores are cut down. When the Assyrians invaded Israel, they brought destruction not only to the nation’s buildings but to its land. The fallen building spoke of the destruction in the cities. But the fallen Sycamore epitomized the destruction of the land.

In America? “On 9/11, in the last moments of destruction, the North tower of the world trade center began to collapse. As it plummeted to the ground, it sent forth a metal beam into the air. The beam struck an object, a tree growing in the soil at the corner of Ground Zero. The tree was a Sycamore as in the prophecy. It would be put on display and memorialized and known as the Sycamore of Ground Zero. the sixth harbinger of the vow.” FRIENDS, THIS CANNOT BE MADE UP!

Harbinger#7– ‘But we will replace them with cedars.’ The word cedar in the translation stands for the Hebrew word ‘erez’. The seventh harbinger is the erez tree. The word erez speaks of a strong tree, particularly a conifer and, more specifically, a tree of the Pinaceae family. The people of Israel would plant the erez tree in place of the fallen sycamore. As the erez tree was stronger than the Sycamore, it was another symbolic act of defiance; the nation would rise up stronger than before.

Manifestation in America? — In 2003, at the end of November, a tree appeared in the sky at the corner of Ground Zero. It was being lowered into place where the Sycamore of Ground Zero had once stood, and was struck down. People gathered around the tree and held a ceremony. They noted the symbolic meaning behind the planting of the new tree where the old had once stood. They gave the tree a name, they called it the Tree of Hope and heralded it as a sign of the indomitable nature of human hope. The tree wasn’t a Sycamore. It was a conifer tree. It was of the Pinaceae family. As in the prophecy it was an erez tree. So they replaced the fallen Sycamore with an erez tree. The ancient sign of defiance and judgment, the erez tree, that had manifested in ancient Israel now had manifested in New York City at the corner of Ground Zero.

And America? On September 12th 2001, the very day after the calamity, the American Congress gathered on Capitol Hill to issue its response to 9/11. Senator Tom Daschle presented the response. “There is a passage in The Bible from Isaiah that I think speaks to all of us at times like this… The bricks have fallen down, but we were rebuild with dressed stone; the fig trees have been fell, but we will replace them with cedars.

Harbinger #8 — The vow itself. The 8th harbinger is the vow itself, the utterance of the vow. For the vow to have meaning, it had to represent the nation’s course. And so its leaders had to give it a voice. And sense leaders ruled from the city of Samaria, it would have been declared in the nation’s capital. The leaders uttered the words of the vow.

And in America? On September 11th, 2004, the third anniversary of the calamity, the Democratic candidate for the vice presidency, Senator John Edwards gave a speech in the capital city. He opened the speech with the words. The bricks have fallen but we will build with dressed stones; the sycamores have been cut down, but we will put cedars in their place. The ancient vow was uttered by an American leader in the nation’s capital city. And it wasn’t only those words, the entire speech was an exposition on that one verse, Isaiah 9:10. It was the utterance of the ancient vow. He had no idea what the words meant or he never would have uttered them. He spoke of the striking down of the sycamore without realizing an actual sycamore had been struck down on 9/11. He spoke of the gazit stone without realizing an actual gazit stone have been laid on Ground Zero to begin the rebuilding. He spoke of the planting of the erez tree where the sycamore had been struck down without realizing that this had taken place. And he connected it all to 9/11– He proclaimed a verse that spoke of the warning strike of a nation in the form of a terrorist attack and connected it to 9/11 — the verse that identified a nation undergoing the first stage of judgment.

Harbinger # 9 — The Prophecy. The vow was not only a declaration but a prophecy of things you have to come. And by appearing in Isaiah 9, it became a part of a prophecy of national judgment as well as a matter of national record. So the vow was spoken not only by a national leader and in the capital city but as a prophecy of what was still to come and as a matter of national record.

So on the day after 911, the nation’s response was exactly the same as the response of ancient Israel in the wake of the ancient calamity, the first strike of judgment. Daschle spoke of the fallen tree without knowing that they’re actually existed a tree struck down at the corner of Ground Zero that answered to the tree in the vow. He spoke of the rebuilding with the gazit stone which would be fulfilled 3 years after he spoke it. And he spoke of the planting of the erez tree, an act that would manifest two years after he proclaimed it.

From Capitol hill and before the United States Congress, the nation, and the world, the Senate majority leader uttered the same words on the day after 9/11 that the leaders of ancient Israel had uttered in the days after their calamity — word-for-word. And without having any idea what he was doing, he connected the calamity of 9/11 with the calamity of ancient Israel, the opening moment in the judgment of a fallen nation. And so on the day after 9/11 and from Capitol Hill, the leader of the United States Senate unwittingly pronounced judgment on America.

Comments: God is in control. He is active in the affairs of his creation. To me the hand of God is obvious. I will leave it to all who study this and can make their own decisions.

Note: I wrote part one and part two of this study… Parallels, Israel, And America in their entirety. Part three is from J. Cahn’s “Harbinger” books. I highly recommend everything written by this great scholar, Jonathan Cahn. Frankie The Earthman.

Study time.


It is important that you read Part One to Parallels, Israel and America. I want to study a little bit about the parallels between how God dealt/deals with the nation of Israel and America, and the role of other nations.

It is my personal opinion that God does not sit idly by and is unconcerned about people, circumstances, events, and the history and future of His creation. The Old Testament of The Bible is full of histories and accounts, of how God dealt with the people of Israel. My intention in this, part two, is to show how God dealt with Israel in the past, is very similar to how he is dealing with the United States. I am going to use Jonathan Chan’s book Harbinger as an outline for this study.

Think about the nation of Israel and the horrors that the Jewish people have endured over the centuries. Please remember that these are ‘God’s chosen people” so, why do they suffer so much?

Could it be, that we have to connect the dots between God’s original creation, what happened in the garden of Eden, (The fall ) , and the life of Jesus Christ, God’s only begotten Son?

Have you considered the pressure and controversy revolving around the Jewish people that has existed since the beginning? ( including God leading Abraham out of the land of “UR” up until Israel became a nation in 1948?) In ancient and modern-day Israel, the military alarm systems, the constant threat, have always been on, it never ends. Why is this so? It’s because there is a spiritual conflict, that revolves around the fact that the Jews are God’s chosen people, and everybody else is kind of on the periphery. ( I know that sounds very exclusive, and how could God do that, but there are legitimate reasons.) To understand this you must understand what happened at the Tower of Babel. God not only confused the languages because of their sin, and attempt to build a Tower to Heaven; He disinherited all other nations except Israel. Now we have to go a little deeper, we have to read Psalm 82, and understand and interpret it correctly. I’ll leave you to study this, but I’ll give you a hint. God has a COUNCIL in heaven, they are called “lower elohim”, they were originally put in charge of all the nations of the earth, and in Psalm 82, (God is chastising them for their failure in ruling the nations other than Israel.) I will leave it at that, you study for yourself, please.

One of the major points I want to stress in this post, is that God used Israel’s enemies to pass judgment on “HER” and still does. So if this was how God operated with His chosen people the nation of Israel in antiquity and today, what makes anyone think that He would not use a similar tactic for America; which was founded under Godly principles beliefs and ideas? In fact the nation of Israel was America’s template for how to exist.

OK, I thought I was gonna be able to finish this in two posts, but it will have to be three, so stay tuned for the next one. Frankie The Earthman.

God says, “My sheep hear my voice.”


The appearance of a Blue Jay, Cardinal, Robin or other landing on a wire or a limb, stirs me about as much as anything.

Spending time on the Appalachian Trail with my beloved Princess Aja ( Steely Dan) the Staffordshire Terrier is just as beautiful and calming.

As I have grown older, which I guess is typical of the human experience, I have grown to love the proverbial little things in life, and it doesn’t take much to make me extremely happy, content and fulfilled.

Though my youth was a wonderful experience, growing older has brought a certain amount of grace, wisdom, and peace into my life, as I have sought it. The nonchalance, the recklessness, the carelessness of youth pales in comparison to allowing, inviting, the spirit of God’s peace to fall upon you. “I find it truly the best things in life are free. Frankie The Earthman.

My three loves.


I’m lying here trying to rest in between the ‘word deluge’ that is upon me. All of a sudden, an unknown woman and a face appear, yammering, shaking her finger at me, as I’m in a semi-conscious state. The woman is right in front of me, and she says to me, “You know, sometimes people don’t say what’s on their mind.” She went on to say, “My husband is always yelling at me, always harassing me about something, and I guess I had a Freudian slip of sorts, but one day, I said to him, you know if you keep yelling at me and harassing me, I’m going to kill you, and hide you in a wall.” That was it, really short and sweet, visions, what to make of them? I might as well sit up because it seems I can’t rest, I have a political post in my head, that is gonna end up being 3 parts, a poetry piece, and this post, so I might as well get up and get to work on them. Frankie The Earthman.

Princess Aja, my orange Goblin.


This post is going to be very controversial. The controversy will revolve around the fact that I’m going to shake you out of your comfort zone. I will speak of things that don’t apply to ‘everyone individually’ but ‘nationally’ to America. Unfortunately, if the shoe fits, you must wear it. Part one lays a necessary introduction. The “Meat” will be in part two and three.

If you do not have at least some idea of Israel’s ancient history, it might be best if you do not read this post until you do. The same applies to American history; you must be somewhat familiar with at least the last 70 years of American history.

I want to talk about the “spirit of lawlessness and chaos” that is loosed upon the world and the United States. I guess I should mention the fifties and ‘Joseph McCarthyism’, and the development of the Communist threat in Americas’ government.

Having said that, I want to fast forward to the presidency of Barack Obama. My personal study has led me to believe that the spirit of lawlessness ( loosed on America) goes back to antiquity and Israel and was around in World War II and the horrors of that time. This spirit of Apollyon ( The destroyer) manifested in Barack Obama. I believe also that Hillary Clinton had a major hand in the development of this lawlessness. Saul Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals” had a big influence on Hilary Clinton early on in her political career. She developed the tenets of *Alinsky’s beliefs, ( he was a *community organizer) in her time in the White House under her husband Bill Clinton.

* “Community Organizers” is a phrase used by radicals, ( Barack Obama, “The Head” & others ) that do a lot of the ‘leg work’ on the streets of America to bring America to Communism and radical social belief systems. This was/is being done under the guise of ” The good of all people, you know Equity.

I would imagine to most, but not all democrats who read this, are not gonna have the slightest clue about the validity of this post. The younger generation seems to be the most inept. It seems that most people under 20 do not even know who won the American Civil War. Most people today seem to live with their noses stuck in their phones. They live in a little “Sound bite” world. The bigger mistake that is made, by not only the young people but pretty much a large portion of Americans is ; they get their news from the media. This must stop. God “gives out a gift of discernment” but we must seek Him for it, we live in complicated days. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you are gonna be able to understand and identify the Anti-Christ; if you were duped by Barack Obama and the likes of Hillary Clinton. Their successors’ Are the “Joe Biden crime family”, and “The Joker” known as Kamala Harris. This is the end of Part 1. I will write part 2 later today. Frankie The Earthman.

Intermission between Part 1 and Part 2.


LA Councilwoman Nithya Raman said, “Don’t call the homeless, “The Homeless” call them people ” experiencing homelessness for a period. Damn, you just got my support, brilliant, genius, Nithya you are challenging Joe Biden and Kamala Harris for dumbass of the year; to support this brilliant logic I am led to say: Don’t call Satan “a destroyer and deceiver”, call him, “a little man in a red suit, with a pitchfork and shovel, that ate too many habanero peppers.” Riiiiiight!



Not so funny, how the democrat’s toot their horn when gas drops 11 cents; all they do is run their d*** mouths about how great everything is. But just today when asking Dems about gas prices rising, the answer was, “No comment.”

(At least half of America, those of us on the right, have been gang raped by the Democratic Party. Then if we speak up and say we are tired of being gang raped, we get hit in the head with a bat, punched in the mouth, punched in the stomach, castrated, clitoris’ destroyed, raided by 25 FBI agents, spit on by the media, and finally crucified. The Republicans are far from perfect, however, we do not resort to World War II Gestapo tactics. ( I don’t know about anyone else but I’m just glowing with love, (smirk, nod, wink, hiccup, fart ) Frankie The Earthman.

Joe Biden… Joke of the day, “Joe represents the best of us.”…haaaaaaaaaaaa!


Well, as the Democrats say, “Never let a crisis go to waste.”

Kamala Harris, went door knocking in Fort Myers, Fl. The first property she visited was a ‘white’ family. She said to the family, “Oh! I see you are white, the benefits allocator said you white folk will be last to receive money. Good luck, maybe next time, you can at least have a front door.” Continuing she quips, ” It’s hard to tell the Brown and Black folk from the white folk, everybody down here has a sun tan; I need to know what color everyone is. ” Frankie The Earthman.

No money Kamala? … just because I’m white?


Here’s how it works within the Democratic Party: Joe makes some wacky statement, Karine is interviewed and clarifies what Joe said, then Kamala clarifies what Karine Jean – Pierre said. Then the “Deep State Presidency By Committee” from the White House says, oh no no, this is what they he / she to say… At Caramba!

So let’s expand on that, Joe Biden has a conversation with Putin or some other world leader, Joe makes some jack ass statement like he typically does, then we have to wait for the clarification and the rest of the spin, meanwhile a nuclear exchange takes place…

Just like today, Joe is in Puerto Rico, running off at the mouth, at how Puerto Rico has not been taken care of; well Joe, why don’t you look at our freaking border? Just when Joe, are you gonna do something for the United States? When are you gonna do something other than try to completely destroy this country? You horses ass?

Joe Biden