The rule of law in the United States is being slaughtered at the Department of Justice’s local butcher shop.

The observers and applauding company includes but is not limited to Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Jokin’ Joe Biden, friends, and Kawabunga dope smokin’ ‘Kamala Hairlip” Harris.

So, having said this, the best bet in Washington DC, known as the swamp is as follows: Hillary Clinton will never be prosecuted ( or even spanked) for her “private server” and the other including ( Benghazi) crimes she committed. Neither will Joey B. , Hunter, or Barack.

Picture Barack, Hillary, Joey B, Hunter B, Nancy P., M. Garland, Schumer, and many others standing around the DC butcher table, ( as Trump is quartered) watching with one thumb in the mouth, and the other in their nasty asses, playing switch.

Symbolic of the DC swamp.


SEEMS TO ME, every item, in every box, that was taken out of Trump’s home, should have been inventoried and a list provided prior to their removal; verified by trump’s lawyers. Otherwise, the door is fully opened for the democrats ( who never lie, manipulate, destroy, conjure or manufacture “evidence” ( smirk, wink ) to add documents, paraphernalia, and damaging fraudulent evidence to the removed items. Capeesh?… Capiche? Frankie The Earthman.

Symbolic of what was removed from Trumps home. ( smirk )


God is part of American history whether people like it, believe it, or not.

The social protest about the ‘pledge of allegiance’ not being ‘all-inclusive’ is just another demonic attack and effort to remove God from every aspect of our American life and culture. ‘We’ don’t like the 10 commandments, we don’t like “In God, we trust” on our coins, ‘we’ don’t like anything that has to do with God, WHEN WILL ‘WE’ LEARN A LESSON? Whether collectively or individually, when ‘WE’ kick God out of “The things of life” something/someone will come to replace it, ie: ( God was kicked out of our schools in the sixties, and we now see how that is turning out ) and if it’s not Godly, it is usually Satanic.

This is really very simple to understand in spiritual or natural terms: Jesus died on the cross and made salvation available to “ALL” ( all, potentially inclusive) but, ( Like the example of the two thieves crucified with Jesus.) One believed in Jesus, ( choosing life) the other didn’t believe ( choosing death) One was included… the other one excluded. What part metaphorically do so many people not understand?

We don’t understand because of the limits of our natural minds, we cannot rise to ‘wisdom’ in our ‘natural thought processes, we are blinded by the spirit of the lawlessness of this age, by the “Prince of the Power of the Air.”… Satan. Frankie The Earthman.

Biden and company turning America into a total junkyard.


MY WIFE, SON, AND I were enjoying our steak dinners at a local restaurant. We tried not to look over to their table at two people seated directly just next table over from us. I won’t describe them any further as the conversation itself was what was stunning, satisfying and interesting.

The Conversation was mainly from one person to the other. They were describing their hatred of the Democratic Party. The one was saying how he wished he could practice his T shot at a golf course off of the following people’s mouths until they confessed all of their ill-gotten gains, their secret agendas, their years of lying, deceiving, and trickery, their hatred of America, all done to remain in power. The names included these and more: Barack and Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, Kamala Harris, Adam Schiff, Corey Booker, Nancy Pelosi, THE SQUAD, including Ilhan Omar and AOC, Hillary Clinton, George Soros, and his son, Chuck Schumer, all employees of CNN, MSNBC, and too many other media giants for me to remember, he also mentioned Mark Zuckerberg in a most dramatic tone. Also, most of the employees of the DOJ, FBI, IRS, and others. My mind revealed a most bloody cartoon as I envisioned this man swinging away at the lying-down stretched-out Teed-up mouths of all mentioned in his conversation.

I, being of an Independent Conservative orientation drooled and smiled as I began to write this blog post. I think I might start a new blog writing platform called Conversations At Large. Frankie The Earthman



We Americans are amidst a subversion, and conspiracy to utterly destroy the Constitution, and enforce a ONE PARTY DICTATORSHIP UPON US.

IE: THE RAID ON DONALD TRUMPS HOME. If the Dems could get away with it, they would bind and shackle Trump and throw him to the bottom of the prison never to be heard from again, his family, and all who support him, with him.

To you, some 50% of Americans who think and say Biden is doing a good job, simply because you hate Donald Trump … Well good luck to you when you wake up one morning and you swear that you are in Venezuela or worse. Frankie The Earthman.


Keys to understanding Joe Biden.

Up means down, yes means no, and vice verse. No taxes for those under $400,000 means 90% of those under $ 200, 000 will pay approximately 90% of taxes under the Inflation Reduction “big lie.”

Joe Biden’s claim that he never discussed any business dealings of Hunter Biden with China, Russia, or others, means that he knew every detail of Hunter’s business.

The definition of ( Joe & the Dems) “unifying America” is pushing Critical Race Theory, Virtue Signaling, Cancel Culture, super empowering the IRS … Teaching elementary school age children that the 1 & a half percentage of our population, LGBTQ community speaks for and is more mainstream that the rest of the 98% of the population

Need I spell the rest out? ….


As the summer rainstorm began, I sat back on my comfortable sofa with my dog Aja, and I remembered this wonderful song.

Sweet dreams are made of these, I’ve traveled the world and the seven seas, everybody’s looking for something, sweet dreams are made of these. Who am I to disagree …

Some of them want to use you, some of them want to be used by you. Some of them want to abuse you, some of them want to be abused.

Sweet Dreams, Annie Lennox and the Eurythmics.

Sweet Dreams are also made of this … walking down a mountain R


Concerning past history about achieving peace : What has proven to be true?

Where did the Barack Obama apology tour get us? Where is the apologizing, pleading, begging, Butt kissing Joe Biden plan getting us?

As we look at Taiwan, we must remember the recent past actions of the Biden presidency concerning Afghanistan and Ukraine. Where did those decisions get America?

Have we asked ourselves why the government feels free to spend spend spend, spin, spin, spin, and tax, tax, tax? It’s because there will be no intention to repay the national debt. Don’t forget the “big reset” is on the way. There is plenty of ink and paper.

What has proven to be true is that we can have peace through strength. The only thing that men like Putin, Kim Jong Un, and Zi of China understand is power and control through being the most powerful bully on the block. ( so to speak). Frankie The Earthman.



Nancy Pelosi said: “China is one of the freeist societies in the world.” ( I guess she meant Taiwan)

Later Nancy told this story: “When I went to the beach as a kid, as I played in the sand, my parents would tell me that if I dug a hole deep enough, I would get to China.” ( like this is currently relevant, relevant to what I would ask?)

Nancy Pelosi and Joe Biden, the new Dumb & Dumber. Frankie The Earthman.

This tree has an ear.


Prayer For America.


Father, in your long-suffering and tender mercies, extend your mighty long arm and deliver us from ourselves. Deliver us from Men and Women inclined to do evil, and ourselves inclined in the same way.

Lord, stop us from resorting to subversive tactics. Let the date of 1776 remain the date of America’s founding. Please rescue us from implementing such subversive tactics as trying to make the 1619 date and the ‘1619 Project’ the new “founding of America’s date.” Yes, slavery is a part of America’s history, but it was not our founding principle.

In my view, America’s current Biden administration and method of governing has us “inches from going over the cliff.” Biden and The Deep State are perfecting the art of deflection, lying, and corruption. As you know Lord, it is obvious that the goal of the Biden administration is the complete subversion and destruction of America, please Oh Lord, do not allow this to happen. There is still a remnant of people that worship and love you, and want to stick by our Constitution an in our American way of life.

Please expose the corruption of the Department of Justice’s raiding the private residence of former president Donald Trump. Look Oh Lord, how they went into his residence and ransacked his whole house, even Melania’s personal belongings, seems nothing is sacred. They cracked open Trump’s safe to find anything that they can to bring charges against him, to keep him from running for president again. Lord do not let us turn into the Banana Republic.

Lord deliver us from the media and “the dark deep state powers that be”, that are bringing about the division in this country. Please expose and deliver us from the likes of George Soros. Thank you, Lord, for exposing the hatred of America and the destructive tactics of people like Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, and now Joe Biden. Intervene Oh Lord, intervene. Prayer by Frankie The Earthman.

Princess Aja.