Thoughts From A Friend

Kind of thinking out loud here…. God’s word is alive…. that’s why the word…HOLY is printed on the cover of a lot of Bibles…. but looking around in our culture today… everybody wants to live by and enforce their own little bubble cultures…. and to me that’s really a sign of weakness…. you’re going to have to think about that.. there is a standard which involves a God/ man that lived 2000 years ago or so.. for those of you that have eyes to see and ears to hear you will know that we have entered a period of time where the spirit of antichrist prophesied a long time ago is here.. and I’m sad to say there is hope but people don’t feel like there’s much in this downward spiral it is the result of the spirit of this age the prince of the power of the air…. my whole point is really for you to study for yourself then you won’t play the blame game which is one of the main flaws of being a human being… you are going to have to be a linguist a student of Hebrew and Greek and Aramaic.. you are for the most part going to have to put man’s commentaries to scripture off to the side…. don’t get me wrong there are some good ones but most of them lived in the last century…. I highly recommend you get yourself a Companion Bible…. authored by the great….E.W. Bullinger…. for starters it has over 100 appendices(sp)… I’m showing the picture of the page which shows you how detailed the study can be… you have to make up your mind that you can study for yourself…. God will honor it with Revelation knowledge for you… or you can just keep following the laziness of the modern-day Church… let’s be fair there are a few good ones… I consider myself of below-average intelligence but above-average in wisdom which is come from chasing God… seek and you’ll find…. I have to salute the great A.Murray…. a contemporary of E.W. Bullinger… also his son Dennis Murray who is still fighting the good fight…. though controversial…. these three men are three of the greatest I’ve ever studied under…. we tend to be quick to condemn that which we don’t understand…. be very careful ….godspeed to you

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