What I’m thankful for

  1. I’m thankful that…. God loves me….” warts n’ all”….. that he decided that his love was Stronger than all of my ugliness… my continually giving him lip service…. while treating him like a vending machine…. we have to align our will with the will of God…. I love the Gospel of John….. particularly…. John 1 verses 3 and 4… paraphrasing and expounding a little bit…. all things were made by him… and without him was not anything made that was made…. that verse right there is way too much for the majority of people…. in him was life and THE life was the light of men…. also verse 5….. the light shines in the Darkness and the Darkness comprehended it not….. ( My Flesh talking of my political views right on my sleeve where you can see them cuz I’m not hiding from anyone)… as I say………..” God made Donald Trump the President…. and the bleeding heart… greedy self-serving liberals on both sides of the aisle understand it not”)…. so back to what I’m really thankful for…. I’m thankful for my daughter Lauren…. I’m thankful that after over 20 years of Prayer God chose to bring a woman from halfway around the world…. Yokohama Japan… to bless me with my son….Ari’el….. I love him so much that I now know what it means to be willing to die for someone…. and yes I’m thankful to be born in the land of the free the home of the brave…. if you don’t like that tough noogies to you…. I’m thankful for a nice enough home take care of my family…. I’m thankful that God has never let me down in areas of employment…. though there have been struggles….. I’m thankful that God chose to give me a gift…. not that I’m anything or much…. but you have to understand that God has been dealing with the imperfect from the beginning… I’m a perfect example right now…. because I’ve learned it’s not about me it’s about him…. it’s not about my petty little misunderstandings… and not having all the answers…. but then again I realize that it’s about faith…. I can’t prove anything… but no one can take what God has put in my heart…. let the guillotine fly and you’ll just send me to paradise…. so I’m thankful amidst all the world confusion… the lies the hype the death the destruction…. the coming up of the end of an age…. that this whole thing is about choosing between two spirits… the spirit of life which is Christ…. and the spirit of death which is from Satan…. who was as God said made…” the perfect pattern”…. but Pride and not being happy with his position he wanted to be Christ…… the battle is between Christ and Satan….. most people cannot shrink it down to that cuz they’re too busy living their lives…. most don’t care that this Flesh Blood and Bone life is to decide who you will serve…. I’m happy that I know the difference I’m thankful that I know the difference and I’m thankful that God has chosen to reveal it to me…. somewhat for my sake but mostly for yours… God says Be Still put your phone down and know that he is God…. look around you look at the Earth there are no strings…. we basically don’t have any time for God …we’re living in his world his creation his standards…. choose life or death  your eternity depends on it 

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