Senators and Congressmen and whoever to get training….

Oh boy this should be a good one…. well I can give them a great big shortcut and they won’t have to spend the taxpayers money….. but then again that’s what Washington is all about coming up with some cock-and-bull plan that will amount to nothing and they’ll keep pushing it forever and patting themselves on the back saying “what a good boy am I”… give me a freaking break….. so for starters I guess they’re going to change Human Nature I guess they’re going to try to take away the natural desire that a man has for a woman…. don’t get me wrong I don’t approve of any of what’s been going on…. first of all you have to take away this I’m entitled…. I’m an elitist and you’re not.. I can spend the taxpayers money anyway I want to and do whatever I want to..” it ain’t me it ain’t me I ain’t no senator’s son”… let’s just cut to the chase these elected officials have to get beyond their superficial shallowness… if they don’t make individual choices to examine their own hearts and try to be better human beings no training program in the world is going to help them especially from our government.. people are hurting there’s very little leadership we’re threatened at every corner problems need to be solved and we’re talking about training for sexual misconduct… some things never change…. oh hell there goes the budget… sorry to be a negative Nell a Negative Nancy but it’s the same old crap it just doesn’t stop… I think I’m going to go eat me a leftover turkey wing… Happy Thanksgiving time…


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