Some of what makes me tick

Hearing my son’s footsteps in his sock feet….. Rhythm across our wooden floors….. eye contact with my dog and see his wagging tail…. understanding the story of Jonah…. three days in the belly of the whale…. the Forerunner to Christ… three days in the ground…. making squirrel chirping sounds off my back deck as I throw peanuts and other goodies for them to enjoy…. although I don’t mind if they eat tapping on the window to scare the big black birds away…. they’re very sensitive…. after the squirrels I love the Cardinals…. he and she and the ensuing challenge of the Blue Jays… acknowledging The Muse that is the inspiration of my life… trying to be close to the mystery of putting ink on a page….. acutely aware of the fact that others will dwell in this house unless they have a psychic ability they will never know what took place here…. so I’m just trying to take it all in Breathe It All In ….realizing like Edgar Allan Poe… that it’s all temporary and fleeting… and will be taken from me having gone the way of the Earth …

Unless I go first leaving my survivors in the mystery that is my life…. I’m no Edgar Allan Poe…. but I’m dancing with the same Muse… I’m sure the Muse is a bit disappointed in me but I’m trying to climb the mountain…. the challenge the realization is that a lot of people will love you and most maybe even your family will never understand you so you will be a black sheep…. my son was sitting on the sofa today and I went over to him and explained  to him why I’m writing 

and doing what I’m doing I told him that I wanted to leave a legacy and it could happen soon or it could never happen…. or it could happen after my death which is most likely…. he’s very intelligent for a nine year old and we both had a genuine father son cry…

But I think he has understanding I love him so much …. he is pure gold….. so these are a few of the things that make me tick..

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