The experiment….

Just as the sea reaches the shore… and can go no further….. the plan has been set in motion each side knowing what their goal is…. each tribe based on all the ancient history told them and they inherently knew what their fate was… through evolution or belief in whatever God… they had chosen to believe in …they finally realized it came down to life and death…. as they danced around.. forming a perfect circle… the Flames from the fire ..the clear Starry Night… the Sweet Summer Wind …still carried a slight scent of the marshmallow roast that had taken place the night before… also they had another reminder because some marshmallows both burnt and uncooked still remained on the beach …

Pause and take it all think about every word in this experiment…

and they stepped on them… night birds and gulls would interrupt their dancing swooping down to try and scarf up some marshmallows sometimes flitting on the top of the tribal members heads rustling otherwise perfect hair… each Tribal member knew  about all the other members… just who was on what side and what they stood for…. the gods they had created we’re holding Congress just above their head… suddenly the sky crack completely open a giant sucking vacuum head whooshed them up…. never to be seen again… the experiment was over…

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