Excerpts: How to enjoy the Bible: by the great E.W Bullinger…

Revelations…. must be spoken or given in words…. let’s focus on words… words must have the same importance and Authority as the Revelation as a whole…. if we accept the Bible as a revelation from God we receive it as inspired by God…. we cannot separate the words of which that inspired Revelation is made up or admit the assertion…” that the Bible….CONTAINS the word of God but is NOT the Word OfGod”… the above stated position is illogical and impossible…. designing discussion is for those who accept the scriptures as the word of God with this supposition we do not offer any proof of its inspiration… the Bible is its own best proof of inspiration… it claims to be the word of God…. just because you don’t understand something does it mean that God is lying or confused… God cannot lie…. there are no myths or forgeries…. only lack of understanding…. before you ever study the first thing in the Bible lower your head and close your eyes and pray something to the effect of…” God if you’re who your word says you are please reveal it to me so that I can carry it in my heart without question”…. God has not asked you to use him as a crutch because you are weak but maybe as you become weak he can become full strength in your life…. ( additional commentary added by..Frank Payton… (Coy)

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