Food for thought….

Your thought processes may  enable  you to quickly  grasp this concept or maybe not….. time is running out we have to learn to think differently…. just suppose God is an eternal spirit outside of time and space…. time in space …our solar system …expanding out to the whole universe… all of creation…. say God is in the Eternal Heavenly realms where there are Supernatural laws we are here on the Earth where there are natural laws till we pass over… so I’ll get to the point… if in the Eternal scheme of things eternity has no beginning or end… then  how much time has passed from God’s perspective… as he looks into the time and space Realm…. for us it’s measured as hours and days and weeks and months and years and thousands of years and Aeons of time going back before the first Earth age… I think science proves that the Earth is millions of years old and that since a day is as a A Thousand Years and a thousand years is a day to God…. go back 7000 years which is how long it took God to create…4003 B.C. up until now 2017.. somewhere around 13000 years plus…. this is a pretty gnarly thought process don’t you think?…. maybe it’s simple…. so here’s what I believe to be the answer some of you brighter mathematicians may come up with an algebraic formula something to that effect…. anyway…. from God’s perspective which is in the eternity and has no beginning and end… he looks on all of creation since the beginning up until right now Up Until the End of the Age as about 2/3 of a second…. if this is wrong or wrong-headed somebody please explain to me differently… just some food for thought thinking out loud…. maybe this will give you a bit of a visual all of created time and space is like a camera flash going off… from God’s perspective…. it’s actually probably less than two thirds of a second probably almost nothing…

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