Nancy Pelosi/ Procol Harum

Your double talk is amazing…. conyers as an icon… is that what you’re saying?…. he’s done a lot for women?…. 88 years old and still playing… your comments just simply daze me…. I’m sick of you and others trying to play me….

Let’s skip the light Fandango… turning cartwheels across the floor…. I was feeling kind of seasick… but the crowd cried out for more…. and so it was that later…. as Nancy told her tale…. her face at first just Ghostly… then turned A Whiter Shade of Pale…. let’s drain the swamp so quickly…. Nancy your just a fraud… honey you’ve got to go.. when you do  I’ll 

Surely stand up and applaud…. I don’t think you can tell me why… maybe an exorcism it’s the only thing that’ll make you fly…. away

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