You know what your problem is Elizabeth… you twist and turn everything to your advantage just like you did on your college application …what was it Harvard?…. I believe it’s been reported that you checked off two boxes…. one that you were a minority …and one that you are Native American…. and then recently you’re talking about your high cheekbones… well as usual you’re confused and you don’t have enough information or you’ve distorted the information..

 to where it’s totally unbelievable totally ridiculous just like you… so you Lizabeth ..you’re just like Hillary …you think you’re an elitist just like Hillary… so let’s recap you checked the two boxes to gain advantage what?…almost guaranteeing your acceptance… and then we fast forward to today and you got the nerve to call Donald Trump a racist…. you started the party Miss Lovely I’m sure Donald will finish it… oh along with the high cheekbone comment you forgot one other attribute of your makeup…. you forgot to mention your empty head.. there are people out here that are way smarter than you… some of us have eyes to see and ears to hear we see you for what you are ..A desperate lonely bleeding heart liberal… next time you get up on your soapbox why don’t you have something intelligent to say…. you are anybody’s dog that will hunt with you… I know about the spelling it’s intentional…Lizabeth..

Finally high cheekbones does not an Indian make….

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