Was and Became

This is very deep water I’m only doing it to get you to start studying for yourself because it’s very important… I have to give credit to the great E.W.Bullinger…. and His Companion Bible… along with others who know who they are but will go unmentioned at this point…. there could be some unintentional errors…. my heart is for you to study for yourself….” you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make him drink”….

So…. Neanderthals…. some debate whether they were a distinct species of homo genus….. (homoneanderthalensis)… or a subspecies of homo sapiens….. be careful with our fossil Kin and carbon dating….Ex: obtain 10 samples and send them out… you will get some that are close but mostly different answers…. here’s a very real possibility…. a Jawbone dating say 14000 years…. as more of the jaw bone was found it was determined to be a monkey/ape…. type creature…. there are also Footprints of men that have been found in Mexico…. that that date about 14000 Years also…. dinosaurs and other animals were in the flesh …man was a spiritual entity… he was not an Earthly organic entity… when God destroyed the first Earth age all the animals and dinosaurs we’re Frozen instantly along with the spirit man …whose.. Spirit went directly back to be with God…. because of the….Katabole…. or the overthrow by 1/3 of the creation… people that is… that decided to follow Satan….Revelation 12…. so to paraphrase a little bit it’s hard to kill your children…. so what are you to do …you destroy the age….. so now you  find yourself a Genesis 1 verse 2…. the recovery and replenishment not …plenishment…. of the Earth….. here is the key I believe….

Genesis 1 verse 2…. and the Earth WAS without form and void and darkness was upon the face of the deep….. if you study Hebrew you will find that the word translated WAS…. means BECAME…. this changes everything…. there are different versions but this is commonly called The Gap Theory between Genesis 1 first one in Genesis 1 verse 2…. so if you’re going to use the word WAS…. you have to ask yourself why would God create something without form and void..?… he didn’t make it void and without form he doesn’t make anything that is void and without form …and he doesn’t make mistakes…. if this doesn’t spark interest in your Modern Man mind then I don’t know what will… use thumb and forefinger to expand on the picture I will show you and you can find out for yourself…. think for yourself…. highly recommend read 2nd Peter chapter 3 and its entirety look closely you will see the three Earth ages…. we are in the second one and the end is coming up soon… also highly recommend you get your Bible out and read the parable of the fig tree Israel became a nation in either 1947 or 1968 I think it is and God’s word says that that generation will not pass away until the coming of the Antichrist the six Trump and then Jesus Christ returning the 7th Trump…. I’m just another voice in the wilderness…

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