Washington Transit Authority

Let’s not dare advertise… for anything….FOR ANYTHING….. that might give people hope…. especially during the holiday seasons…. the battle between good and evil is picking up in intensity…. we the people are choosing sides… you know just generally speaking… people can think for themselves… and make decisions for themselves…. let’s not dare say we have a political or religious stand this way or that… we might offend someone… if you’re offended look the other way… religious freedom …freedom of speech … right to bear arms.. to protect yourself ..right to form a free thought for yourself ….is being suppressed to say the least… funny how Christians are being condemned… we don’t even have the right to buy ad space… let’s inject a little insight… to paraphrase our Lord…” if they hated me they’re going to hate you also”…. oh my God I just made a pro God statement!…. the way I got it figured…. battle lines are drawn…. it’s obvious in the Congress and the Senate  ….all they care about is themselves…

Looks like we’re just along for the ride… but not a ride with the Washington Transit Authority…. you’re just a dark cloud floating along the lines…. your decision makers think they’re doing the right thing… allow people to think for themselves… looks like you may have forgotten… a lot of great people have fought and lived and died for freedom of thought… symbolically speaking there’s a big owl in the sky and he’s watching all of us… whatever religion you are whatever your belief system is don’t jam it down someone’s throat and stand there in  your Defiance and not have any respect for whatever there’s might be.. Final thought…. go back to the 60s when we kicked  God  out of the schools… and we began to allow government to be God.. our government or any government for that matter cannot even handle their own Affairs how can they be God?….

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