Who you going to hang out with?

let’s see….uh….well…I will have to think for myself….uhm… let’s see there’s Melania and Ivanka… Kelly Ann Conway… Sarah Huckabee Sanders( by the way nice pie…who really cares if you made it or not…. More Theater for the weak left)….. they don’t have anything to offer so they talk about pies and shoes and all kinds of silly stuff.. we hate it ( on the right)… but we don’t really expect anything that makes any sense so what’s new…

So next choices as to who to hang out with is… all the ladies on The View… especially Whoopi..then….Oprah… Miss Watson..Lizabeth…. Hillary and her dumb book… okay you get it…. I think I’ll hang out with the first group I mentioned…. way better looking…. far more intelligent…. and choose to live in THE REAL WORLD….not in one of the two major bubbles…in either California or New York…..

2 thoughts on “Who you going to hang out with?

  1. Ah, come on. You know that “it takes a Village Idiot” to make you feel safe. What more could you ask for? Girls have their eyes ripped out for not submitting. Babies are raped and thrown out of car windows. Day after day, the libs travel from their penthouse to the studio and say “prevention is not the answer, civil rights are at stake”. More awareness is all that’s needed, so let’s throw money at it. When the perpetrators are apprehended, they only want to know why he did it. They pretend that it’s us who want to know, while we are plenty aware, more by the day. The seas get warmer as all the volcanoes have become active again. Even the Earth is angry. But they tell us, that it’s our fault. We all just need to join a group and hire a graffiti artist to make illustrations.


    1. That was pretty sweet Johnny my fear is that all the United States will become one big Sanctuary City and white guys like me and you will be ancient history I think we already are I just hate the Cal Berkeley mentality you know no open debates no discussion all the things that made our universities great are being smothered and drowned out what happened to open debate can’t I believe what I want to and someone else believe what they want to with me not having to run to my safe Zone and suck my thumb and stick my head in the ground and say you’re making me feel uncomfortable come on man what are they going to do when they have to deal with the real serious issues that are coming concerning the end of this Earth age how about that there’s one coming that’s Barack Obama times a thousand more cunning more intelligent and more powerful what are you going to say to the devil that’s going to come and take over the head of this one world government that’s coming what are you going to say to him you’re making me feel uncomfortable people better wake up


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