Survey how many floods have occurred?

I’m going to focus on Jeremiah 4 verses 22 through 28…

I’m going to ask you to compare this Jeremiah reference to Genesis 6:9..9 through 17…. like I’ve said before you’re going to have to study if you don’t care don’t be bothered…..

Jeremiah 4 beginning with verse 22…

For my people is foolish… they have not known me… they are…”sottish”.. (stupid)….children, and they have none understanding…they are wise to do evil… but to do good they have no knowledge…vs-23… I beheld the Earth and lo it was without form and void and the heavens they had no light…. I beheld the mountains and low they trembled and the hills moved lightly…. this is the katabole or the overthrow of Satan Revelation 12 already mentioned it earlier earlier pieces… it’s also referring to Genesis 1 verse 2 in between the first Earth age in the second Earth age beginning with Genesis 1 verse 2 where God is recovering from the rebellion of Satan… God shook the Earth…. split the plates…. but we have our current configuration if you look at the pieces that are spread out over the water right now like say United States and Africa they match up together…. use your head… think…. the end of verse 24… and the hills moved lightly…. he shook the Earth…. and now a really important part…. I beheld and lo there was no man all the birds of the heaven were fled… no man no birds… you catch that?… I beheld and lo the fruitful place was a wilderness and all the cities thereof were broken down at the presence of the Lord and by his Fierce anger…. for thus  have the Lord said …the whole land shall be desolate… yet will I not make a full end…. he didn’t want to destroy it completely…. the age of Flesh was coming where conscience will be cleared with no memory of who they sided with Satan or or God again referring to Revelation 12… all would be born in this flesh age freedom of will… to decide once and for all and ever who they will serve…. this was the first flood….. now go back to Genesis 6 vs9 through 17… and compare…

There were still men there were still Birds on the ark… it was probably only a local flood…. where is in the first flood everything perished no man no birds they had all fled… everything was desolate remember no olive trees…. and a second flood… everything was not destroyed because the Raven I believe it was or the doves went out and came back with an olive branch…. how long does it take to grow an olive tree?….. that’s as far as I can take you right now you have to study it on your own it’s in God’s word but you got to dig it out…. what say safest thou?… go deep or go home…


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