Give it away… give it away… give it away y’all…. I’m having a flashback… something about blaming Donald Trump… for everything.. Give It Away.. Give It Away give it away y’all…

Sanctuary cities…. give it away y’all …give it away y’all..

Sanctuary cities… taking money from the federal government…. protecting felons that have been deported 5 times 7 times 100 x… doesn’t seem to matter….

Steinle…. so now we protect illegal immigrants that have done all manner of law breaking… give it away…ya’ll

Putting their rights above American citizens…

Innocent people walking on a pier..

Give it away… give it away …

give it away y’all… someone tweeted..

” We Believe North Korea… we don’t support Donald Trump either… don’t blow us up”…. Give It Away ..

Give It Away …give it away y’all… well guess what a majority of us ain’t part of your ….WE….

You don’t get it to you?…

Peace through strength peace through strength it’s the only thing our enemies understand do you know anything about history yep bleeding-heart liberals…

Let’s sing our song Give It Away y’all give it away y’all give it away give it away give it away give it away give it away y’all

Stupid lawyer comments By Steinels ignorant… ignoramus lawyer… you know animals do things by instinct ..human beings have a brain to think ..we better have a look at our universities let’s see what comes to mind Cal Berkeley…. when the battle really starts because it hasn’t yet this is just the 4Runner what are we all going to do… run to our little corner and suck our thumbs ..and go you’re making me feel uncomfortable… oh wait just blame Donald Trump ..right bunch of idiots..

America ain’t yours to give away



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