Ask yourself a question I’ve asked myself

Why are we in a struggle between Good and Evil…. why isn’t it just one way or the other?…. why have we been given the precious gift of life only to go to funerals and stand at grave sites and cry because who  we love has gone from us…. so I ask myself …and I asked God the Creator and sustainer of the universe… how can we be given such a wonderful gift… and then be forced to suffer the loss of the gift which is life?…. being a bit of a linguist… a student of Hebrew and Greek and Aramaic… here’s what I found ….Satan …God’s greatest CREATED entity… was not happy with his position… he earned his way to be guardian of the Mercy seat but he was only one of the Guardians…. who do you think the other one was?… I’ll leave that for your studies…. but I will tell you this Satan tried to sit down on The Mercy Seat which had Messianic connotations… he wanted to be Jesus…. so taking the short story because we’ve already talked about this… there was a revolution there was a katabole’… there was a rebellion…. which led to the destruction of the first age…. we are in the second Earth age which is the flesh age…. where are all of those that lived in the first stage must live through the flesh age decide who they’re going to serve….. ask yourself why are you here?…. don’t you realize that it’s something bigger than you… something that you haven’t probably even considered..

 because of the dark deception that is a everywhere…. Lord I’m tired or I’m tired…. get your Einstein going and figure this junk out…

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