Ethelbert Bullinger… don’t miss HIM…

Excerpts from “How to enjoy the Bible”….

The Bible is its own best proof of its inspiration….. it claims to be the word of God; and if it be not what it claims to be, then it is not only not a good book but is Unworthy of our further attention….l

We cannot understand the position of those who assert and believe that many of its parts are myths and forgeries, while at the same time they continue to write commentaries upon it, and accept their emolumeents and dignities for preaching or lecturing about it…

If we were told and believed that a bank-note in our possession is a forgery, we certainly should not take no further interest in it, Beyond mourning the loss which we had sustained… our action would thus be consistent with our belief…. we write  therefore, for those who receiving the claims of the scriptures as being the word of God desire to study it so as to understand it and enjoy it…. the Bible simply claims to be the word of God it does not attempt to establish its claim or seek to prove it…. it merely assumes it and asserts it…. it is for us to believe it or to leave it… i have my thoughts on the matter…. remember when Christ asked Peter…. Peter who do you say that I am?… Peter said to paraphrase… you are the son of the Living God…. he went on to say to Peter… flesh and blood has not revealed this to you but my father who is in heaven… don’t view the Bible as a bridge too far… you …we…me…. everyone see through a glass Darkly… we are trying to mentally ascend to the level of God’s word…. I surely believe that he wants us to know some things a lot of things but in the end it comes down to what’s in your heart… whether you believe without seeing and you will not believe without seeing unless the Holy Spirit reveals that to you… don’t make this critical mistake of discarding God because you don’t understand it… or everything that he has written… you’re not going to till you get to the other side… learn to trust him what’s your other option to trust what’s going on currently on this death planet…?

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