Why do I say these things

I have some Revelation knowledge… I am way out there like a photographer on one of the Apollo missions… taking pictures of Earth from afar.. as imperfect as I am… viewing rotations of the Earth… Revolutions of the Earth …..looking at the past and the future… you liberal leftist aren’t going to get this at all…. you have scales on your eyes like Paul before he had his Damascus Road experience…. my concern is this…

If the initialed man….B.O…and his tag along….M.O… can dupe us…. what are you going to do when the One World Government is established and Satan is kicked out of heaven to come down here at the 6th Trump…to pay off all your debts… make a 7 year deal with Israel make the Palestinians happy for awhile make the US happy for a while…. and then in the middle of the seven-year deal at the three-and-a-half-year point…. turn on you just as you’re getting comfortable and World War 3 begins and you’re sitting there sucking your Cal Berkeley thumb …you’re making me feel uncomfortable thumb.. not knowing what the hell is going on…. then you realize you’ve been duped by Antichrist which means in the Hebrew instead of Christ…. and then you see Christ coming in the clouds coming to make it right ………Make It Alright..

 and you realize you’ve been deceived what are you going to do then…. wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up wake up times a million wake up…. don’t mind me I’m just a voice in the wilderness….

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