Continuing with Ethelbert

The One great object of the Word…

The first great and essential principle which must be ever present with us, when we study the word of God, as a whole is not to treat it as something which we have to interpret, but as being that which God has given in order to interpret himself and his will to us.

This applies to Christ; as the Living Word.

When we speak of the “Word” we can never separate the Living Word, the Lord Jesus Christ; and the written Word, the scriptures of Truth.

Each of these is called the “Word” because the Greek word Logos is used of both.

Logos means the spoken or written word because it makes manifest and reveals to us the invisible thoughts.

It is used of Christ, The Living Word, because he reveals the invisible God.

” No man hath seen God at any time; the only begotten Son, He being in the bosom of the father, this one hath declared him”….(John 1vs18)…

It is not that we have to explain Christ, but that his mission is to explain God to us. He interprets the Father. And we have to or should believe him.

My comments: Think about the gift of language …or words …a human beings ability to speak…. also thinking about the Book of John…. ( in the beginning was the word and the Word was with God and the Word was God…)… and the Bible’s claim that God spoke the whole thing into existence….so…. I think our ability to speak as human beings is a reflection of being made in the…IMAGE of God…. He could speak, therefore we can speak!

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