Jack Phillips and the LGBT wedding cake…

I’m not a lawyer or a First Amendment expert ….so.. at the risk of sounding ignorant I’ll take my chances if nothing else I’ll learn something…

When there is little respect in the United States these days for the Constitution… we really don’t want a Constitution …because it’s too restrictive …and apparently open to be understood and the language misinterpreted and changed to have our own ways…. it’s kind of like how a lot of people on the hard left view the Bible… it’s an outdated book… I personally believe in the Bible and the Constitution… certain elements in this Society of ours… this culture of ours… want to rewrite history….  the Constitution…. and think that the Bible is a bunch of nonsense…. God help us all….so again just thinking logically here I believe….. the LGBT crowd and a lot of the left… extreme left want to jam what they believe… down our throats… while having no or little respect for what we might believe…. Question number # 1- why would the two gay fellows want a cake shop owner who they probably knew was a Christian… why would they want him to make their cake?.. wouldn’t you want to find someone that was willing to make your cake?… or did they have ulterior motives?….. let’s reverse the roles…. what if a Christian when into a LGBT Bakery…. and demanded that the LGBT owner ….make them a Christian cake with a cross on it… and the name of Jesus written across it…. and whatever Christian slogan or symbolism that they might have wanted on the cake… of course you follow the logic …but I guess it’s bigger than then my little explanation above…. of course it is…. why in our culture do we demand that our voices and our rights ….are above everyone else’s voices and rights…

Think about this… if the court should decide for the LGBT crowd…. under some….DIGNITY… language or facade… the implications will be so far-reaching it’ll blow your mind..

So I can go into a Muslim butcher shop say and demand that they make me some pork sausage and if they don’t want to …they’re not serving the whole public…

Further these two of the LGBT ilk.. should take… their identities …and their issues ….up with the Living God not the cake baker…. we have to see this for what it is…. it’s Defiance of long-standing traditions in this country and an insult to the Living God…. some people will not be happy until there’s Civil War in the streets …they will stop at nothing…. the attached photo is a symbol of somehow Building Bridges.

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