Why is Christ called the Word of God?

Christ is called the Word of God because he explains… reveals…. has made known …and makes known the Father…

So the scriptures are called the Word of God…. because they reveal the Father and the Son….. by the precious Holy Spirit… the author of the Word…. some say that it was written by men… this is true of the actual physical writing over the centuries… but it was controlled and overseen buy the wonderful Holy Spirit… only this third part of the Trinity could accomplish such a feat… for your further investigation and you will find what I’m saying is true… you only need look ( though there are many others to reference in the Bible)… you need only look at the Messianic Prophicies.. I’m not going to give you an example …perhaps you can Google “Messianic Prophecies”… see what comes up.. but I will give you the gist of it… how can a prophecy written some 1000 or fifteen hundred years …or whatever amount of time you want to associate with it… written in the Old Testament… be fulfilled word for word in the New Testament at a much much later date?

Further you have to ask yourself how can the 66 books of the Bible …be so cohesive and so revealing about history and prophecy …and everything associated with being a human being ..and the human experience and existence?

The Koran is there for the reading…. did you know that the profit Muhammad was illiterate?….

Show me in the Koran…. the account of creation… in the detailed form that we have in the Bible?…. show me in the Koran… the writers of ancient history… Josephus comes to mind… that have found the Koran…. to be anything close to the Bible.. I’m all ears…

Okay let’s wrap it up for now have you noticed how in this crazy world… there are things that are legitimate …and things that are illegitimate… why is there such a conflict in our culture……. why is there such division and hatred… why do the Schumer’s and the Pelosi’s… only care about their power and position in the government?… it’s because the current movement in United States… on the hard-left want government to be God… the lines are in the sand… the spirit of antichrist is here armies are forming on both sides… just like they did in Revelation 12….

Don’t make the mistake that permanent peace is coming in this age.. and please do not use the terminology the” end of the world”… this Earth or world will always be here but the ages are going to change….

We are coming up on the 3rd Earth age the thousand year reign of Christ but first the second Earth age will go through a horrible battle..

So you better find out who’s legitimate and who’s illegitimate who comes with the spirit of life and who comes with the spirit of sin and death… the one true God is Not floating around up in outer space or in another dimension like an old man on the cloud… he is a spiritual entity the likes of which you have no idea.. Christ will either be your advocate or your judge… I didn’t make the rules… wake up wake up…. the ancient battle is not over yet between Christ and Satan

One last thought what is really scary is that the millennialist will soon be the major voting Block in this country how are they going to be able to make decisions they’ve been indoctrinated through our Universities since the 90s and probably earlier…. I don’t like to put any group of people down but the millenialists don’t even know US

 or world history how are they going to deal with the spiritual aspect that is coming?.. God help us all…


 in our government in our society why is there such hatred for each other…. why does one side ( though not perfect).. seem to have a deep respect for life which can only come from the one true God…Elohim…YHWH… ( in ancient times the name YHWH)… was called the Unspeakable name out of respect

.. the Ancients were even afraid to say it…

Unfortunately we’ve added a few letters in the modern name is…Yahweh… you have to be very careful Hebrew and Greek to English with the accompanying translation and transliteration.. as I’ve said before the English is not perfectly conducive for those ancient languages including Aramaic..

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