My Approach… My style…

My Approach and my style…. is the approach and style of a real man…. a genuine Earthman  pilgrim… that found himself in flesh …Blood and bone… time and space …existence …asking why was I here?…. actuaries estimate that I have about 76-78 years… that wasn’t enough for me.. at around the age of 17 or so I began to have a lot of questions….. who is God?… where is he?…. and what is the big master plan?…. at around the age of 28  I went to a Baptist Revival.. at the request of a Miss Irene Evanto… The Never Ending request… I went out of a desire to shut her up… thinking I was okay but I was wrong..

At  Sterling Virginia… Potomac Baptist Church…. God was waiting for me…. faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God…. I walked the sawdust Trail and made a profession of faith I didn’t know diddly from squat but I knew that I believed…. I believed the heart of the matter…. that Jesus Christs pre-existed…

Came to this earth as Emanuel…. God With Us…. came to this earth as a baby and then a man …and then a sin offering to reconcile me to God the Father…… two weeks later I went to my first prayer meeting all I had was faith still not knowing sugar from Shinola…. a long story cut short we sat around and prayed either to ourselves or out loud…. four or five of us at a round table as the petitions sectioned off the rooms… about a minute into the prayer…. I felt what felt like either a handkerchief or a cloth falling on me or as if oil was being poured on the top of my head… I didn’t know at the time but looking back I believe it was God acknowledging my decision…. and giving me a wonderful manifestation of his presence…. I got confirmation of this after the prayer was over and I asked the other people that was seated there…” what was that did you feel it also”…. they said oh yes that was the presence of God… I was thrilled but really didn’t think of it much… I later learned that I had been given a gift at that time ….and the gift was the gift of evangelism or witnessing and continued with a feeling of euphoria for about a 2-year period….. life came with its ups and downs but I realized that i really did have a gift…. not for my purposes because I am extremely flawed…. I learned that God was using me to glorify his name… so here we are….

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