God’s two floods… and Satan’s flood….

Ref: Jeremiah 4 verses 22 through 27….. this is the first flood…. key verse:vs 23-.. I beheld the Earth and lo it was without form and void and the heavens they had NO LIGHT….. same as (Genesis 1 vs 2)… this is crucial you have to compare this verse to the account in Genesis chapter 6 and 7… I don’t recall Noah’s flood darkening heaven…ok…. Jeremiah 4 vs 24… I beheld the mountains and lo… they trembled and all the hills moved lightly…. ( God split the plates or the land mass… and they drifted off into their current configuration)… look at a globe or a map of the land masses and you will see the United States matches up pretty good with Africa….. which explains why all the African animal remains such as rhinoceroses are found in Ash Falls Nebraska…. this was the first flood or the Katabole…. the end of the first Earth age between Genesis 1 verse 1 and Genesis 1 verse 2…. Genesis 1 verse 2 as I’ve mentioned many times before is the restoration of the Earth and the replenishment not the plenishment at the beginning…. ( why is there a RE-plenishment?…. because it was all destroyed….. continuing with Jeremiah 4 verse 25… I beheld and lo there was No man and all the birds of the heavens were fled…. Noah’s Ark contained men and animals how can this be the same flood?…. there were two floods…. here’s some proof…. Jeremiah 4 verse 26… I beheld and lo the fruitful place was a wilderness and all the cities thereof were broken down at the presence of the Lord and by his Fierce anger…. continuing verse 27… for thus hath the Lord said …the whole land shall be desolate yet will I not make a full end…. he didn’t want to totally destroy his people so he destroyed the age…. I mean really I haven’t mentioned much of Noah’s flood because I believe that was a local flood does Jeremiah sound like a local flood?…. look at the words look at the words use your brain…….. this is pretty deep so I will talk about Satan’s flood in the next lesson

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