What’s truly amazing!

We’ll…. just what is truly amazing?…. something I ponder quite often is…. God being as he claims to be which is….

Omnipotent…. omnipresent… omniscient….. all powerful…. everywhere… and all knowing…. I think the scriptures teach that he’s this super being entity…. with the power of creating …simply by speaking.. a universe into existence..

EX NIHIL..or..EX NIHILIO…. something out of nothing…. oh I believe it.. but I can’t really get my head around it…. it’s quite a bit to fathom…. then I realize that God expects us to trust him and accept a lot of things on faith even though we don’t understand… if we don’t understand and we can’t ascend to a lot of things that God has proposed… then like my old Irish preacher friend from Dublin Ireland used to say….” you can’t throw the baby out with the bathwater”…. we just can’t pull God down to our level… just doesn’t work.

 a lot of it is going to have to wait till we get on the other side…. that’s what the next Earth age is all about the millennium… a thousand years of teaching….. teaching headquarters will be in Jerusalem and there will be a cube that extends into outer space for 1500 miles….(Revelation)…. but here’s what fascinates me the most and I can’t imagine why it doesn’t Fascinate everyone…. this Christian God that hung the Sun about 93 million miles away…. gave us a little Moon disc… to reflect light from the Sun so that the night wouldn’t be so dark… created our solar system and  the known universe…. have you ever thought about why he said he hung the universe and the stars like a curtain…. because astrononomers have estimated that you can travel at the speed of light for billions of years and look back on the whole thing and it looks like a curtain… must be close to what it looks like to God… so here’s where we are with this pondering… this thinking out loud blog post… it just amazes me that this super being for lack of a better term…. loves one of his greatest Creations if not the greatest… which is men and women… his  long suffering and Tender Mercies …are hard to understand as to why he does it… this is where the love part comes in and those that say..” God is love”…. he is love but as his word says that’s only half the coin or one side of coin… have you ever thought that God might be jealous?… jealous because we run to everything but him the author of our life The Giver of our life… he does have a temper … it’s all through the Old Testament stories and some of the new…. in fact he can become so angry that he is called a consuming fire…. his word goes on  to say that that  this consuming  fire is the warm warmth of the Holy Spirit to those that believe… and to those that don’t… its a consuming fire in the worst sense…. God wants you and me to get to a place where we realize that his life… this life he’s given us…. is a gift…. he desires Faith like a little child… The Wonder of a little child…



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