Comments on the “My Pillow” guy…

I’ve seen this my pillow guys mirror medicine cabinet advertisement so many times… that I’ve grown to love him….. he always has that blue shirt on…. I wonder if he has like a hundred of them in his closet?….

And at first I noticed the cross around his neck I thought it was a tacky looking cheap Surfers cross…( maybe it is not sure)…. I was watching today …and I think it’s a real Cross he always makes sure but that it’s out in the open…. where everyone can see it….

Looking at the man and the woman on the other side of the medicine cabinet…. I’m not sure who the woman is but I would almost bet that the man is his brother…. maybe it’s obvious why he wears the blue shirt…. ( support)….

But if you notice he has a cross on also… maybe they’re just Avid Surfers….

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