Thick as a Brick continued…

A young man full of vigor and not yet beaten down by the system “sees” what’s wrong with society and can’t believe that the elders don’t see “it” also…Paul Tarvydas…P.T. we will use his initials… followed by my … if any comments…C.P.

C.P.-… the above makes me think of the situation that we have in the United States with our current government…. they can’t get out of their own way…. every piece of legislation that is written and put forth… is a blood paddle for each side of the aisle to put forth his personal agenda…. and to use this Blood paddle to beat the hell out of the other side…. and win at all costs …as the will of the people is lost in the fight…

 Enter Donald Trump the tough New Yorker…. the perfect one to roll up his sleeves and get in the brawl….

T.P-…. I believe that Ian is this young man and that these ideas are illustrations of his opinions of what’s wrong with the world..

T.P-….. in Thick As A Brick….TAAB… ( from here on)….. Ian  examines how Society and organizeorganized religion spread… ( by imprinting children before they become old enough to think for themselves)….

I believe we should train up a child in the way that they should go…. exposing them mildly to the things of God… things that they’re tender young minds can understand…. we try to be good examples …but I think it’s necessary to expose them to some of the evils of the world… if you don’t they’re going to be too domesticated ….and not prepared for the real world….C.P.

The world is full of stories and children that had strict parents… who tried to hammer God down their throats and they just rebelled… while most of them find their way back… a lot of them dont…. and some hate their parents for having done so..C.P.

So I agree with Ian Anderson that is so evident in his writing “think before you act”….

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