Nancy Pelosi to appear in a new movie …The Bride of Frankenstein…

Also to appear in the sequel to Young Frankenstein…. where her doctor.. Chuck Schuma’…. will try to fix Nancy’s…Abbey Normal brain….

That’s right folks!…. don’t miss these movies…. after the filming of these…. Nancy and Chuck are going to appear in Dumb and Dumber part 3…

After she’s done making movies she’s going back to the planet Pluto… with her dictionary ..where she can study up on the finer points of a…Plutocracy….. Nancy please don’t forget to take Chuck Schuma’ with you as your co-pilot…. that way we can get rid of both your ignoramus selves…

Oh and Nancy I wouldn’t expect you to actually understand what’s in the tax reform bill because you don’t bother to read any of them.

Also your God talk doesn’t do much for me I see right through you…………. you…


 just want to use God to beat the Republicans up because as usual you have nothing to offer but nonsense you couldn’t be class president of the fourth graders.

Be good get back on your pad and shut up… but wait a minute that’s not all you can deal out all this BS because 50% of the people believe you… you’re just continuing with the duping that Barack Obama the mess he left behind… thanks for your service Nancy you done a great job!… of lying…. Nancy you’ve obviously not eating your quota of Smarties I suggest you do so…

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