The joys of hearing my wife say….” I’m so happy”… my son whispering in my ear…” T[hank you dada”… the calming rhythm of rain on a rural farmhouse tin roof..

Feeding the birds daily…. especially in winter… marrow bones for my dogs to chew their idle hours away… the sun rising over a tree line starting a new day….

The smell of fresh-cut grass… a summer downpour bringing relief… following 3 days of 100 degree heat…

The thrill and excitement of a boy’s first fishing pole, a silver coated lure sun dancing in a pond, a child’s triumphant laughter as a Blue Gill flops on the ground…

Remembering the days of my youth when time was taken for granted, the slow but certain heightened awareness of growing old, the elongated peripheral shadow of the lurking Grim Reaper…

Asking the age-old questions, “Who am I”…” Where am I going?” ,” What is the deepest meaning of life”…” Is there one tower that leads to heaven?”, or are there many?…

The divine revelation after much study and contemplation… the main thing of eternal value is a mind illuminated by God… the realization that we we’re fundamentally made to worship Him…

Preparing for the Everlasting… as this life is just a flicker in time…

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