Ribs of Bone…

I’ve found this life.. is but a little bit of joy… bringing a whole lot of Heartache…. misunderstandings… heavy with my dark heart… and dilemma….

I often feel sorry for myself and the human race.. the ever-present gravity of Flesh… mostly in search of the Eternal spiritual tide… most unwilling to succumb… most never yielding to the fact that we are not gods.. struggling to ascend to God’s gifts..

When He.. God said….” let us make man in our image”… I think what he meant was… we shall have an eternal spirit… Flesh Blood and Bone return to Ash… but our Breath of Life shall live on…

In our eternity we’ll all look back… having a remembrance… this life will see him as a shadow in winter… barely perceivable but as Lessons Learned.. attached as an afterthought… like ribs of bone….

Your skull found… at some archaeological dig…

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