Are you dating?

Could you go out with a dude like me?…. I mean I’m not all about fancy restaurants…. I’m not all about fancy anything… don’t worry we’ll make up a proper outfit for you… you might actually like dancing around the campfire… war paint… pounding ancestral drums… sounds in the night that you’re not quite sure of… but don’t worry I’ll protect you… we’ll either eat or be eaten… yes I know you’re from a modern culture.. but I really don’t see the difference… your modern culture kills and eats each other…. you just put a fancy ideology… fancy clothes… fancy cars… fancy houses…. so I ask you how am I so different?…. don’t think that you’re better or different than me because you’re not… I won’t need a cell phone to communicate with you or you with me… I can smell your breath and read your body language… all I see is fear and death… so could you date a guy like me?… don’t worry we have loin cloths to protect your private parts… you will have to learn to kill or be killed… but I imagine you already know that but you don’t want to talk about it.. you and yours are really no different than me… you and yours have just really figured out modern conveniences… if you date a guy like me you’ll find out what you really made of…

Picture from… The wealth of nature… Senior editor… Christina Mittermeier….

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