Life is a gift….

Your life is a gift… whether you believe it or not God is the only one that can give it… try to go deep within yourself and find it…. don’t forget your family but put them aside for for a minute… put your cell phone down it’s not part of your body or your mind or your heart… it’s only a modern convenience fact is you  can look at it this it’s a way for them to pull money out of you…. and have controlling influence over you… rise above it see it for what it is….get back to your life… I never had a cell phone in my youth we communicated eye-to-eye mouth to mouth… your word could mean something… don’t get ripped off and lose yourself in all this modern day technology and social media and convenience I like it too to a certain extent… but until you View life Life as a gift… you will have missed it…. the world wants to present death to you as if it’s normal… it is not… if you if we can you get back to life being a gift being viewed as a wonderful gift each of us unique with gifts to offer others if we can get back to that you might have a chance…. otherwise get ready to die.. your cell phone laying beside you… without you… your cell phone is nothing… you make your cell phone what it is

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