Sometimes It All Just Runs Together….

Used to be you could just get in your car and turn on the radio hear your favorite song hold your best girl close go for a nice drive down to Great Falls or up to Skyline Drive and that was enough but those days are gone…

God the devil right wrong Heaven hell purgatory pass around the plate don’t you hesitate somebody’s Souls at stake don’t want them to go to the Lake of Fire I see a bird on The Wire Nicolas Cage’s head is on fire so is the stock market politics of the day no longer concerned with what’s right or wrong only if you’re in power or not in power doesn’t matter whose name you defame or whose blood you spill long as you can exercise your will what happened to growing old gracefully and peacefully stead of being like the Hollywood crowd that would spend their last dime for a plastic surgery a boob lift what do they want to do stay around forever be eternally 21 seems really boring to me not to mention the vanity and pride no regard for the deeper things of life it’s all about right now grab all you can get slay whoever gets in the way Memememe not uuuu uuuuu bleeding hearts saving the whales but killing the babies selling the body parts whew Roe versus Wade back in the 70s making a law makes it all okay Kennedy’s head blown off in Dallas one day somebody wanted their way somebody said it was okay Johnson didn’t know how to play Nixon wanted his day then came in an interlude fast forward to Bill and Hillary sold out of everything and everyone to build their Foundation looks like it’s made of sand waking up to history is a painful thing seems like nobody wants to do anything just go along to get along become a senator or congressman get your money and wave bye bye or just hang around forever Mitch McConnell Rosie O’Donnell The Man in the Moon is watching everything moving ahead to Barack Obama I kind of blame his mama and Michelle for going along with the whole stinking thing with her stinking smile the line that they drew in the ground is an empty sound and now the sand is filled with blood yours and mine your brothers and mine then Along Comes Donald Trump he has more sense than all on the left combined they have no mind they have no vision they have no plan only obstruction never talking about anything good Nancy and Chuck have been crying wolf for so long if their dog team caught the truck they wouldn’t know what to do with it power to the feds power to the states power to the Electoral College power to the popular vote Washington smells like a dirty filthy goat like to put them on the boat and Sail them down the Potomac River stand down around Haines point and watch them all float by looks like the truth is a hard thing to get to look for me walking down the railroad tracks of my Virginia life stopping pausing looking back over my shoulder shaking my head woefully ruefully wondering how it all came to this how did I get so ugly how did we get so ugly when did life stop having value I look at the people of the Middle East they will pick up a rock the size of a grapefruit and split your head wide open but we’re really no better we do it through political means we do it through the media we just create accusations to those that we want to destroy we hang them up on Main Street in downtown America or on the steps of the capitol without a trial without a question it’s all just good news for our desperate hearts I don’t know I wish my schooling days would have taught me more about human nature and how ugly people really are or can be there’s some good ones I just lost track of them or they’ve gone on so here we stand in our mess that we created and we blame god not having a clue as to who he really is we have become our own little gods Mr. Hawkins please shut your mouth you mean well but you’re lost the science that you believe in is created by God you’re just trying to catch up with it you’re a finite Little Critter trying to tell it all with your mind problem is you don’t have a heart no disrespect to your disability but you’re totally disabled beyond your wheelchair and your mouthpiece so it all just seems to run together for me I remember the time when I could hop in my car turn on the radio listen to some tunes hold my girl close take a ride down to Great Falls or up to Skyline Drive and that was enough but those days are gone..

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