Spirit of the Olympics…

The N. Korean leader…Kung Junk Loon… is weaseling his way into the Olympics… I hope… he piles his rather ample ass… on to some skis …and thinks he can be a downhill ski racer!… he is perhaps diluted enough to think… he could participate in something like this…

Maybe if there’s a Mongolian fire pit barbecue at the finish line… he could fall and he probably would.. and snowball his way to the bottom…. but please mr. Kim do something with your hair… besides experimenting… nothing has worked so far… you do have mirrors in North Korea right?… and then I guess your happiness ..will be based on how many medals the North Koreans win… I’m sure whether you do well in the Olympics or not …you will revert back to your true nature.. which to annihilate the United States and whoever…



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