Students… regarding your class assignments : on the study of the Constitution of the United States: “I know you’ve been working on your papers for 2 months… and you put a lot of time and effort into your research and study”… But due to recent developments and the ongoing irrelevancy of the Constitution of the United States… I will not be spending a lot of time looking at and Grading your papers… I have great news everyone in the class will get a grade of “C”… And more importantly we have participation certificates… And even more importantly those of you that are in your senior year and are graduating… Please report to the library at the end of the school day and you’ll be issued your brown or grey two-piece uniform… Now you’ll notice a serial number… Don’t pay any attention to the first three numbers they’re all 666… However you’re identifying number.. you’re personal one that is… Will be the next six numbers… After you register there you will receive a letter in the mail within the next week or so… Telling you whether you will be a state or federal employee… I’m happy to tell you that you will also receive $799 a month… Relatively free housing… And instructions on your new job… We’re sorry for the inconvenience if many of you are qualified to be doctors and lawyers and such… And you find yourself working in the fields… You’ll make the adjustment just be content in the fact that you have a job… Oops there’s the Bell!… What a great class you’ve Been!…

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