Poverty of Spirit…

You can stand in most any Public Square… I like the streets of Georgetown… not the new Georgetown… the Georgetown of the mid to late 70s early 80s… where you could walk around and watch the Soft Parade of humanity walk by….

The new Georgetown has a politically correct poverty of spirit… it’s not the same… moving on I love this quote from C.R Dickey….” One man’s destiny”….

” educated people who neglect to enrich their minds from the store House of Beauty and Truth contained in the sacred word will often reveal an appalling poverty of spirit”….

” Covet the best gifts… not the trinkets of this world”….

I don’t know about you but I want to think about something better… something… higher…. deeper meanings…. I’m tired of crumbs and bumbs… men in $2,000 suits… elected officials lining their pockets… sick heartless officials.. that we put in office.. because we believe their Barack Obama type ..dumb talk… don’t try to sell me Oprah Winfrey… or any other Hollywood Beauty Shop Queen… strip Oprah Winfrey over her Hollywood makeover.. and all you have is a purple nightmare… when are we going to wake up?… I find the animals more entertaining… and gratifying…

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