Does God put down certain Nations?

Psalm 60:8… I think God decides to prosper some Nations.. especially Old Testament Israel… God can typically do this at the expense of neighboring Nations… land is limited… seems when God gives land to Israel it comes at someone else’s expense… some nations are put down… God has Covenants..

Probably a more difficult question… does God put down certain Nations today?

Common Thread talk today… America was and to certain extent still is a blessed Nation… in spite of a basic.. turning away from God through the deceitfulness of secular humanism kicking God out of school in the 60s.. and a culture of death through abortion and the other horrible atrocities…

Seems in the past America’s adversaries have been subject to God’s judgement… even though we can commit horrible things… we still seem to find God’s favor though not always… many first-world Christians imagine that their prosperity was a sign of God’s favor all the poverty of Third World shows Divine put down… perhaps this reasoning can be viewed as treacherous… the wealthy tend to look down on the poor… seems to give a wrong-headed theological support to racism and class prejudice…

Maybe we should be praying for God to restrain evil in certain lands… standing against the influence of rulers bent on violence and try to encourage peace… we should pray for intervention and ask God to put down a nation still leaving the means and extent of such restraint to Divine wisdom…

Not to the overdressed… self-serving politicians of Washington DC…

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