Laying it on the Line..

I’m hesitant to do this… but then again I’m hesitant not to…

We have a serious situation in the world… the United States needs to figure out its identity… it’s place in the upcoming upheaval that is just around the corner..

What am I talking about exactly?.

I’m talking about the United States States waking up to the fact that we got duped by the silver tongued devil Barack Obama.. we got duped not once but twice.. because we sincerely we’re looking for a great leader instead we got a traitor…

I’m not so worried about… Christians in general though some may find this surprising… or alarming… because of the general poor spiritual conditions in our churches and in this country in general… and some of you are going to tend to call me a nut…a…zealot… or even a lunatic.. but I don’t really care cuz I know what the truth is.. and it ain’t my truth it’s gods… yes read the Bi

We need to see this globalization push… this major Trend towards One World Government… One World Currency and the like.

I hear people say that the end of the world is coming… this world will never end this Earth will always be here unless God decides otherwise… having said that this Earth…AGE… is going to end… I’ll give you a scripture reference to help you out 2nd Peter chapter 3 in its entirety… if you read it carefully you’ll find the three Earth ages we are in the second one the third one is the millennium the thousand year reign of Christ you need to know about this cuz it’s coming…

But back to my original intent… I brought up Barack Obama to compare him to the coming anti-christ…

So my concern is that if we got duped… by a mere mortal… who I believed was heavily influenced by Satan and the powers of evil ..Barack still has a stronghold he’s like Hillary they just won’t go away because they have dark power…

So if we got duped by a mere mortal… what are we going to do when the world is in a position.. through this Global push … and a super being… namely the Antichrist appears… he’s going to be good looking he’s going to be smart he’s going to be a super entity of a magnitude the world has never experienced… God made him that way but he fell… so the question is my friends… how will we escape Satan’s clutches when we couldn’t even Escape Barack Obama’s Madness… Satan is going to be at least a hundred times stronger and more influential…. you got a problem with this you better get on your knees and pray to God because it’s coming whether you like it or not whether I like it or not whether you believe it or not or whether I believe it or not no matter how you feel or what you think… Don’t Shoot Me I’m Onlyp the Piano Player… now go study



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