Comments about Jonathan Cahn’s..Paradigm…

You can connect the dots… the ancient Jezebel… Shakespeare’s Lady Macbeth of the play Macbeth..

Modern-day version Hillary Clinton… along with her cohorts Elizabeth Warren.. you know who the rest of the eggs that  fill out the basket…

Jonathan Cahn quote: ” the Queen’s personality will appear much harsher than that of her husband… ( Ahab and Jezebel or Bill and Hillary) Same Spirit different age… she will strike many as iron wheeled unyielding and embittered… she will be the one more app to react to their opponents with Fury… and too many she will appear consumed with ambition for power..

Well hats off to Jonathan Cahn… makes me think of the Book of Ecclesiastes which is really a book about how to live your life in this flesh.

The whole intent of my comments here and referring to Jonathan Cahn’s wonderful book… is to reiterate that we struggle not against flesh and blood… but against the powers of Darkness… the spirit of the ages… through the current cultural Wars and developing things in our political system… I’ll have to say it again… Antichrist is making the way for his  grand appearance… we’ve had the forerunners All Through History… Hitler… Stalin …Pol Pot… many others

Time to see things and people for what they are… Satan manifests through his minions… God hating…PEOPLE..

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