Federalist # 70…

Alexander Hamilton… To the people of the State of New York… Saturday… March 15th ..1788…

Too involved to go verbatim …so these are paraphrased excerpts… I’ll try to piece it together…

Idea: that a vigorous executive ( say Donald Trump) is inconsistent with the genius of Republican government…

The enlightened well-wishers to this species of government must at least hope that the supposition is destitute of foundation; since they can never admit it’s truth,  without at the same time admitting the condemnation of their own principles.

Energy in the executive… ( say Donald Trump)… is a leading character in the definition of good government… it is essential to the protection of the community against foreign attacks; it is not less essential to the study administration of the laws; to the protection of property… against those irregular and high-handed combinations.. which sometimes interrupt the ordinary course of Justice; to the security of Liberty against the Enterprises and assaults of…ambition.. of faction… and of Anarchy… Everyman.. the least conversant in Roman story, knows how often that Republic was obliged to take refuge in the absolute power of a single man under the formidable title of… Dictator… as well against the intrigues of ambitious individuals… who aspired to the Tyranny and the seditions.. of whole classes of the community… whose conduct threatened the existence of all government… as against the invasions of external enemies who Menace the conquest and destruction of Rome…

A feeble executive implies a feeble execution of the government… a feeble execution… is but another phrase for a bad execution… and a government ill executed ( say Barack Obama)  whatever it may be in theory… must be in practice.. a bad government…

There’s your lead-in go read the rest of it for yourself it’s awesome… anyone that doesn’t think our Founding Fathers and people of that era didn’t know what was going on need only read some of these documents: reference: We the People: Documents and wWritings of our Founding Fathers… once you start reading you will realize how backslidden and backwards we are from the original intent… what happened to us?….

We should be thankful we have an energetic president… ( say… Donald Trump)… I don’t see any prescription in this writing for the ” Kick the Can down the road philosophy.. that is Washington DC”..

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