New members Welcome to Hell…

You’re newly elected… with a head full of great ideas that you think you’re going to get through.. do great things for your state… or your country… let me tell you knew dims how it’s going be…. don’t spend too much money on your suits or your shoes or your ties… because you’re going to be walking around in blood… some of it yours… some of it from your colleagues… first thing you need to do… is learn the art of double talk… never say anything that you really believe.. in front of a camera… wait until the cameras and audio is off… lots of perks here.. learn how to keep it to yourself if you want to be around… oh… forget about having an original thought.. we will tell you what to think… when to talk… and when we’re going to shut down the government… other than that…Welcome Aboard!… remember getting reelected is the main goal… don’t worry about serving the people… if you can’t help to make government God you won’t be around long…Mr. Schumer do you have anything else you want to say…Nancy?…

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