Pride and Washington DC…

As you watch this government shutdown unfolding…. the problem of pride spews out as sharp stench like a cheap cologne…See most of these men that hold themselves in the highest esteem…. puffed out like fat bullfrogs.. rubbing their hands together like flies … can’t wait to get in front of the camera and show how smart they are…( they think)…. What they don’t know is that the common man is much smarter than he was 20 or so years ago… Some of us even have Revelation knowledge and good Hearts… which makes us able to discern when these double talkin’ devils.. peddle and pose with their magic bag of tricks and Tom Foolery… and think that we will swallow it Hook Line & Sinker… So pay attention all of you high-minded Court Jesters on the left… Donald Trump was elected president because we’re sick of you… yet you still want to shove your self-serving agenda down our throats putting the whole nation at risk and seemingly feeling okay with that… we are smarter than you… your days are numbered… I hope that Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are resigned to crumbs…. maybe when they find themselves on the lower rung of the food chain they will wake up…

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