Submitting to Government Authority?… Romans 13:1…

So government Authority can be corrupt and morally wrong… so what to do?…. Like most everything else this verse is a guideline… and not a rule without exception…. Reference Acts 4: Peter and John responding to government edicts… Reference: Daniel 6…. Daniel refused to comply with government on prayer… If civil law is in conflict with Divine command… follow the Bible even if it means civil disobedience…. Government generally speaking… is to be respected and supported when possible.. peaceful change is always preferred by the Christian.. ( although the world may perceive this as weakness)… Forcing things upon people whether they want it or not seems to be the Lawless Spirit of the land these days… To me a a mysterious process… is how God Sovereignly oversees the power of State… so God’s work is to be supported and protected…Though it seems.. the left wants to be… The state is not God… Seems to me making the government God and trying to achieve full compliance… is making government an idol… The throes of rebellion and revolution should probably be a Christians last option… it’s tough to make a stand these days… we have to make sure we do it in the spirit.. or we lose… Seems to me stewardship involves enthusiastic participation in the Affairs of the state… The real challenge is to yield and trust the spirit of God in the Affairs of men… God knows our hearts and he is way ahead of us… Quite possibly he has what is called a permissive will and for sure he has a perfect will… He understands us because he made us… so keep the faith ..and takes the current conditionins and happenings on the political scene…. with a grain of salt… Somehow we have to be Salt and Light….

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