You’re Fired!

I gave you Dem-dumbs a chance.. but your brains have faulty wiring… you gave me no choice… so your asses now I’m firing!…

No more CR’s…. our government can’t be Run 3 days at a time… The RIGHT headed Americans know you’ve lost your minds!…

Mr. Schiff you put your cards on the table… you think the average American is dumb?… compared to you we are more than able…

Don’t start the party and think we won’t fight… I see the lights in the capital are still on this night!

Mr. Flake I think you’re Half Baked… the body of a pig and the head of a snake… why don’t you go back to Arizoomba’… and jump in zee lake…

Gather round the table I’ve got something to say… all your butts be fired so be on your way!… you got the right one at the controls now the ORANGE TORNADO… hey I hear you’re going in the taxi business I called you 1 out of your future Fleet… thanks for a whole lot of nothing…

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