Dealership in Florida loses 500 cars

Weird Story coming out of Floridawon’t mention the name or the town in Florida… but seems they have an accounting problem at one of the dealerships… 500 cars we’re missing over a five month period… Seems an up-and-coming employee… who wanted to be President of the dealership… “misplaced”… or lost as he said… 500 cars over a five month period… In an effort… to make his rival for the same position of the dealership… look bad.. so that HE.. could take over… Turns out he… (MR.Dillary)… had been taking the cars down to a local junkyard and having them destroyed one by one… of course he had to pay the junkyard owner handsome sums… to keep his mouth shut… He of course lost his bid to be president of the dealership… and though there’s been a delay in Prosecuting him.. because of people that still love and support him… it is now believed that he will have to go to jail… sees his support has turned on him.. sometimes we have to be patient in this life and justice can eventually come…

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