Bad Laws… Bad Decisions

We kicked God out of schools in the 60s… I remember back when I was in school if you saw a fist fight or a knife… that was violence…

I remember back before Roe versus Wade was made a law… seems we’ve aborted some 60 million babies since 1973… what happened to our Spirits… our souls.. our respect for life..

Put God and Prayer back in schools.. and eliminate a lot of the problems… I don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings…. we have a simple choice… try to at least acknowledge the Ten Commandments.. and don’t tremble every time you see a plaque on the wall… or a statue out front… or we can continue and progress with the spirit of lawlessness…

Most important of all… stop killing innocent babies… choose life… if you’re reading this… your mom chose life… look at this lava lamp it looks like a baby…

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