Tribute to Pink Floyd… prophetic…

Mother do you think Kim will drop the bomb?… mother why can’t we all just get along?… Hush now baby baby don’t you cry.. Donald’s going to build a wall for you.. Donald’s going to make all your dreams come true.. mother how high can the stock market climb?. Why does the Press leave it all behind? Mother… when did Chuck Schuma’ loses his mind? Mother do you think they’ll break my balls… mother should Donald build a wall?… Mother should I run for President… mother should I trust the government Mama will they put me on the firing line?… if they do I might just die… Mother do you think Nancy’s good enough for me… mother do you think she’s dangerous… why do congressmen always cuss?… mother do you think Chuck Schuma wants the best for me?… Mother will the government… try to tear your little boy apart.. mother do they want my heart?

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