Modern-day Macbeth

Hillary Clinton walking in the woods… The three witches saying: “When shall we meet the again?”……. in Thunder, lightning or in rain?… Elizabeth Warren: When she opens her mouth… fair is foul and foul is fair hover through the fog and filthy air.. Mrs. Watson…” Double Double Toil and Trouble… fire burn and cauldron bubble… Chuck Schuma” and Nancy Spumoni… as they stand yammering at each other while they stir the big black pot Eye of Newt and toe of frog… wool of bat and tongue of dog… adder’s fork and blind- worms sting… lizard’s leg and How let’s wing… for a charm of pow’rful trouble… like a hell -broth boil and bubble… Barack Obama: by the pricking of my thumbs… Something Wicked This Way Comes… All words from acts 1 and 4 of Shakespeare’s Macbeth… Shakespeare was a genius concerning the human psyche… Spirits are the same just different players…

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