Self-esteem and Humility…

Can we see the difference… between low self-esteem and humility… seems that low self-esteem concentrates totally on..SELF… What do people think about me… how good or bad looking am I… could it be that I’m dumb?… Then again humility… seems to concentrate on the welfare of others… Can you imagine having enough humility… to realize someone is better Suited… or smarter… or more qualified.. than you and wishing them well….hoping the best for them We need not to confuse low self-esteem with humility… I think a lot of people put down Christians.. because they think they have low self-esteem.. and God is the only way for them… sorry it’s much bigger than that…. One of the attributes of Jesus though he be God In the Flesh… He had a healthy proper self-esteem but he was humble… embracing a low self-esteem or image is your flesh… concentrating on self almost constantly… seems like the modern-day Church gets humility and low self-esteem confused… So what does this mean… let’s wrap it up… with the release of the…” memo”… today we are going to find out who was concerned with self and who had some humility…. it’s going to show that some of our leaders with their fancy suits and their smiling faces.. and their double talk we’re only concerned about self… even to the point of committing criminal acts…. I think though up front they seem solid they really have low self-esteem… when having some humility… and realizing being in a position of power… you have an opportunity to do something really great… they took the wrong route.. if you give yourself away something good will happen to you… if you try and fool the people because of your weakness… something bad will happen to you… if our leaders in DC could overcome themselves… we might have a better world… now we’re going to see what folks are really made of….

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