The Pelosi meltdown

A rainbow of words come dancing through my head as I think of the Nancy Pelosi meltdown….

” Nancy you’re not in Kansas anymore”

” Nancy it’s not far off to never-never never land”

Nancy do you have a long piece of grass caught in your throat…

Close your eyes and click your heels together and say three times to yourself there’s no one quite like the orange tornado…

Carry a box of tissues with you… you never know when you’re going to drool all over yourself…

If you’re going to talk please take the cud out of your mouth….

Do not go to miss Watson’s dentist or her shrink… I would imagine her shrink has to go see her own shrink

Question: do you and Chuck Schumer practice your psycho babble before you disrespect the public with your nonsense?

Question: do you and Chuck Schroomer have the same favorite line out of The Wizard of Oz…” If I Only Had a Brain”…. and a heart for that matter…


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