Nonie Darwish… Very Important… For Americans…

I just listened to part of the video provided by Nonie Darwish on her book “The Devil we don’t know”… where she outlines some of the tenants of the Muslim faith such as:

A Muslim must kill for Allah.. some of the top leaders in the Muslim faith blame their failures on the…” lack of jihad”…

One of the tenants of their faith… reveals that vengeance is a command…

Exaggeration… lying.. slander.. okay for for filling the purpose of a Muslim… gives some insight into why they erupt into violence.

I would like to say at this point.. this does not implicate…” every Muslim”… there has to be a measure of fairness to those that are sincerely trying to assimilate… and live peaceful lives…

So I want to pose the question… doesn’t this have a peculiar resemblance into the mindset and activity of the Democratic Party?

I don’t know how long her book has been out.. but I believe it’s a game changer… she has an uncanny way of exposing the age-old struggle… between Good and Evil … check it out for yourself… those on the left most of them anyway are going to be angry… those on the right will get it..

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